December 20th, 2018:

June 14th, 2018:

  • iex-0-9-1
    • New add-in for IEX exchange

March 8th, 2018:

  • tk-0-8-3
    • Ally Invest: corrected delay when exiting

November 21 st, 2017:

July 31 st, 2017:

June 21 st, 2017:

  • ox-0-5-3
  • sl-0-5-3
    • minor issue related to reconnection in case of internet failure.

March 3 th, 2017:

  • iq-0-5-1
    • There is a new key STREAM to turn on/off time series updates. STREAM = 1 for on 0 for off more
    • New setup application:
    • Everything including the programs themselves is now installed on the Documents folder together with the configuration files
    • All files are now digitally signed

February 23 th, 2017:

  • ox-0-4-3
  • Minor correction (delay when showing positions while opening a new sheet)

February 10 th, 2017:

  • ox-0-4-1
    • NEW add-in.
    • It is easier to get the protfolio with this new add-in. You simply use a symbol named 'Portfolio' fields 0,1,2,... will give the symbols for positions.
    • It is also possible to get the options positions related with a underlying by monitoring the fields 0,1,2,.. of the underlying.
  • sl-0-4-1
  • ya-0-4-2
    • multiple minor corrections

January 16 th, 2017:

  • iq-0-4-1
  • ya-0-4-1
    • speed optimization; multiple minor corrections

July 1 st, 2016:

  • iq-0-3-7
    • series download optimizations.
  • sl-0-3-4
    • adds new fields containing options symbols also expirations dates are now a available directly in Excel time format. This eases the creation of complex options chains requiring less format conversions. See example in how to section
  • ya-0-3-1
    • minor corrections.

June 22 th, 2016:

  • ql-0-80-49
    • minor changes related to IQ feed new client.

May 6 th, 2016:

  • iq-0-2-1
  • ya-0-2-1
  • sl-0-2-1
    • Corrected a problem that appeared at times after changing Excel RTD throttle
  • ya-0-2-1
    • Corrections in the fields data types. Market cap can now be format as a number.
  • ql-0-80-45
    • OX futures symbols minor corrections.

March 23 th, 2016:

  • ql-0-80-35
    • added fields qlUnderlying and qlExpiration to OX portfolio. This new fields show the correct underlying and expiration both for options and options on futures including weekly options on futures (e.g. ES)

March 10 th, 2016:

  • ya-0-1-40
    • minor corrections in fields
    • corrected: symbols with special characters spaces were creating problems at times

December 11 th, 2015:

  • If you are using Excel 2016 you need to install this update This is important if you are requesting many symbols. It is also being pushed by Microsoft automatic updates.

December 9 th, 2015:

  • iq-0-1-33
    • Tick by tick times and sales. It is now possible to start at a point in past by specifying it using field TIME. (limited to 8 days during market hours 180 days outside market hours) Fields available for ticks are: TIME, BID, ASK, LAST, LAST SIZE, MKCENTER, BASIS, COND (Market condition)

November 23 th, 2015:

  • ql-0-80-34
    • corrected: default feed in options sheets was not optional
  • iq-0-1-32

October 21 th, 2015:

Server lists new add-in sl-0-1-2

  • Server lists is a new: RTD server dedicated to the problem of producing lists of symbols. The most popular use is producing options chains more
  • ya-0-1-29
  • iq-0-1-25
    • corrections

October 2 th, 2015:

September 24 th, 2015:

  • ya-0-1-24
  • iq-0-1-22
  • ql-0-80-30
    • minor corrections

September 16 th, 2015:

  • ql-0-80-28
    • renamed GAMMA function to GAM due to name colision in Excel 2013/2016;

September 13 th, 2015:

  • ql-0-80-25
    • minor fixes;
  • iq-0-1-21
    • Corrected and issue when requesting series and specifing a a holiday in TIME field

September 5 th, 2015:

How to use QuoteLink for Yahoo finance

How to use QuoteLink for DTN IQFeed

September 4 th, 2015:

  • ql-0-80-19
    • minor fixes: installer; quote wizard now opens in a new spreadsheet
  • ya-0-1-21
    • yahoo minor corrections
  • iq-0-1-17
    • performance improvements when dealing with large number of series

August 28 th, 2015:

  • ql-0-80-18
    • OX number of quotes now defaults to 600 + minor fixes
  • ya-1-20 and iq-0-1-16
    • lots of minor corrections

August 21 th, 2015:

QuoteLink.NET releases 3 applications

  • A new version ql.0.80.* with MB trading support
  • quoteLink for Yahoo finance - A new RTD server application dedicated to Yahoo finance streaming quotes
  • quoteLink for DTN IQFeed - QA new RTD server application dedicated to IQFeed

ql.0.80.* adds support to MB Trading. It does not have otherwise major changes. All users may thus update.

I decided from now on to release targeted applications addressing specific features instead of changing a single program that does it all. The first two applications following this paradigm are now available:

  • The Yahoo application aims to get the most of quotes from Yahoo finance.
  • The IQFeed application optimizes speed for quotes and series. It has been tested with 1,800 quotes and 500 series

As usual All applications are RTD servers and do not interfere with Excel otherwise. They are meant to be used together in spreadsheets.

They are selected by different server strings respectively ,"quotein.rtd", "iq", "ya"

This means "=RTD("ya",, "CSCO", "LAST") is a valid formula if you have the Yahoo application installed.

The new installer is able to install and manage these new applications.


There are two ways of using IQFeed. The usual one using ql.0.80.* and which I recommend for options chains and the new one using the new RTD server which targets quotes and series.

They can be used simultaneously.

February 3 th, 2015:

  • ql.0.79.21
  • Minor changes; Documentation links

January 16 th, 2015:

  • ql.0.79.17
  • OX feed review - minor changes

July 22 th, 2014:

  • ql.0.79.15
  • corrected minor problem in the 'add feeds' dialog

July 3 th, 2014:

  • ql.0.79.14
  • change of formula syntax for complex requests see box below
  • corrects some bugs on the wizard menus (when right clicking the symbol was not correctly read from the spreadsheet)
  • adds a new futures example
  • IB portfolio corrected types (some values were character strings)
  • strike field was missing in the positions list
The version ql.0.79.* introduces a new system of worksheet requests.
This change will affect users that create their own series spreadsheets or customized options chains.

It is straightforward to convert the old requests to the new format. However and to prevent problems, do not update to the new version on a rush.
(Note that you can always rollback to 0.78.83 using menu Support > Switch Version in case of trouble).

Other than that there should be no compatible problems as the changes were minor

More on the new worksheet formulae

The reasons for this change are:

  • New system is more intuitive (the old system was confusing at times)
  • Higher flexibility when combining fields

June 20 th, 2014:

August 1 th, 2013:

  • ql.0.78.83
  • minor adjustments and corrections on sheets

November 4 th, 2012:

  • ql.0.78.78
  • minor corrections on tick retrieval
  • minor adjustments and corrections on sheets

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