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QuoteLink offers a standard and a professional service. To use QuoteLink you create an account by sending a payment. The account remains valid while funded and it terminates automatically if not renewed. You can renew at anytime as the system remembers any funds entered. Your account entitles you to use the current version of the software and any future versions while the account is valid and to its support by e-mail, instant messaging and telephone (telephone support is reserved for urgent issues). Please note that does not sell any data, in order to have access to real time data you need to be a customer of one of the partner brokers or subscribe to one of the partner data feed providers. List of supported brokers and data feed providers.


The subscription process is fully automatic and your subscription is valid as soon as you receive your welcome email which is send automatically. The welcome email contains the user name/password plus contact details.

The user name and a password are necessary to login in to the site and to download and install the software and run QuoteLink software.

Please note that you need to be logged in while using any QuoteLink tools (you don't need to type the user name and password every time since it is sent automatically).

You can extend your subscription at any time by simple using one of the payment periods above. The total number of days available in your account is shown in menu QuoteLink >About it shows the difference between the days paid and the days already elapsed. The service will function while there are days left in the account. Please note that the unused days are not refunded.

Feel free to contact support if you have any questions or need any help.