Quick start:

QuoteLink account:

Before starting you need a QuoteLink account: QuoteLink

There are two types accounts:

  • standard account which offers access to RTD Level I quotes
  • or a full featured professional account: Quotes, Time series, Options chains

QuoteLink setup:

  • Download and install QuoteLink using the username/password that you received by email.
  • Once QuoteLink is installed a green icon qL is added to the icon tray on the right of your PC task bar.
    The qL icon holds the menus necessary to control and operate QuoteLink.
    The same menu can also be accessed using the keyboard by pressing Ctrl and Q keys simultaneously at anytime.

  • configure one or more data providers feed using feed specific instructions
  • set your data provider or the preferred data provider, if you have more than one, as the default feed
  • click on the qL icon and choose the menu Worksheets Examples > Basic example .
    The basic example spreadsheet contains level I quotes that should immediately start updating during market hours.
  • Open a new empty Excel workbook.
  • Type one or more stock symbols (one per row) (symbols are case sensitive but most symbols use capital letters) and select them using the mouse or the keyboard.
  • display the cell shortcut menu by pressing Ctrl and Q keys simultaneously
  • Select the Quotes menu Quote wizards > Quotes to display a quote list using the current feed (see result ).
  • You can use the menu examples as basis for your own sheets as they cover the main features.

Keep in mind that formulae do all the work on QuoteLink. The menu wizards are simply a means to write formulae on the spreadsheet. Any other way (automated or manual) of writing the same formulas will produce the same results.

Finally replace "OX" by your feed (i.e. "TDA", "OX", "IB", "MB" or "IQ") on the formula below and try it:

=RTD("quotein.rtd",,"CSCO", "LAST", "OX")

Feed abbreviations are defined when the feed is configured. You can configure multiple abbreviations for the same data provider if you have multiple accounts with that provider.
If no abbreviation is given as the third argument in a formula then the default feed is used.