Setting up Schwab

  • Start QuoteLink installer

    • install the most recent QuoteLink for Schwab add-in sch.0.16.4 or later
    • install the most recent QuoteLink for Excel add-in ql.0.82.14 or later(you might already have it)

  • find the green qL icon which is on the icon tray at the bottom right of the screen
  • Use the menu login Schwab
  • After authenticating push the bottom Authorize QuoteLink

Once you have authorized QuoteLink:

  • Open the example spreadsheet . It shows how to request stocks, indices, options and FOREX.
    It lists all available fields and all FOREX currency pairs available
  • If you have the professional version install the symbol lists add in sl-0-12-3 which is used by the spreadhseet to produce options chains