Interactive brokers setup

Before starting make sure you have TWS installed and running properly

Prepare TWS

  • Open TWS
  • check menu Configure > API > Enable Active X and Socket Clients
  • using menu Configure > Trusted IP Address add (that's a local address on your machine)

Configure QuoteLink to receive Interactive brokers feed

  • Open Feeds dialog box if IB is not already there click button Add and add it with an abbreviation of your choice (defaults to IB)
  • You are in the Active feeds dialog box:

  • select Interactive brokers TWS adapter line and push button 'Set IB as default feed' (optional)
  • close 'Active feeds' dialog box. Feed is now configured.

Quick Test

  • Find the submenu Excel Examples by clicking again on the 'qL' icon
  • sub menu Examples
  • Open Basic example (introduction)
  • type IB on the left top cell

Interactive brokers Symbols

IB covers many market and types of securities to help you find symbols use the following spreadsheet

IB Symbology spreadsheet - Symbols for Options / Futures / FOP / FOREX