Setup OptionsXpress feed

Configure OptionsXPress XML API

  • Login into OptionsXpress site
  • Click tab Account
  • Follow link Profile; 3 other tabs will then appear below.
  • Click on Trading & web Preferences
  • Find 'Enable Site Access Via Software / XML API' and check it.
  • Scroll down until the end the page and push button 'Save Changes'

Configure QuoteLink to receive OptionsXpress feed

  • Open the feeds configuration dialog box: Start > All Programs > QuoteLink > Feeds
  • You are in the Active feeds dialog box:

  • double click OptionsXpress line to open 'Feed parameters dialog box'
  • fill in your optionsxpress' user name and password and push OK.
  • you are now back on the 'Active feeds' Dialog box
  • select OptionsXpress line and push button '*Set OX as default feed*' (optional)
  • close 'Active feeds' dialog box. Feed is now configured.

Quick Test

  • Find the submenu Excel Examples by clicking again on the 'qL' icon
  • sub menu Examples
  • Open Basic example (introduction)
  • type OX on the left top cell

To use the new add-in - after doing all the steps above

  • run the setup from the menu Support > Switch version menu on the qL icon (or equivalently run the setup from the site)
  • click quoteLink for optionsXPress row and press Switch to ..
  • open OX quotes and portfolio example